used at the end of a conversation.
A way to say good bye
"all right ill cya later man"
"all right, late"
by john blazin August 06, 2007
Something that is out of vogue, style or fashion
"Did you hear those tunes they were spinning last night? They were so late!"
by Dwayne Boyd August 12, 2005
to be boring,unimaginative, lacking innovation and so yesterday.

synonyms: Tired, Played, Corny, and ect.
1)This game is LATE!!!!
2)your LATE!!which is evident from your most ground level composer.
by justin cavalli January 22, 2009
1. something you say to somebody who is bothering you and you don't want to talk to him or her. Comes from "Later with you" or "Later with this jerk." And if the guy is a REAL jerk you tell him, "Later with you....MUCH later." If you say "lates" it's a mild way to say it.
2. something you say when something bad happens
1. Somebody says something stupid, you say, "Lates" means go away.
2. You miss the bus, you say "Ooh, lates!"
by hyzercreeek January 20, 2010
Late; Lated; The act of Lating.

Utterly dominated, destroyed, owned, raped, superior.
Killed by one shot to the head from a .50 cal Desert Eagle.

by poop March 20, 2005
Someone wearing an item of clothing or listening to music or doing any form of verb that is not considered popular anymore.
Wearing L.A. Gear trainers
Singing along to MC Hammer songs
Using the words 'wicked' or 'slaming'
by Wicked Wordsworth May 26, 2004
1. being in a drunk/high state 2. when something is unsatisfactory. 3. used when refering to an ugly object/person
1. Damn dick, I was real lates last night.
2. nah foo, that shits lates.
3. dick, that chick is lates.
by Jooleein November 18, 2008

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