used in a song by the connecticut band Death Threat on the god and government record. a way to say good bye eps. used by people in ct or in hardcore.
3-4-5-6-7-LATES -- from the death threat song

"im going bro, lates"
by rj March 09, 2005
a farewell expression, derived from "see you later" or simply "later" or "late". some moron probably from camarillo, california thought adding an 's' would be funny. but it's not.
"lates brah" says guy in oakleys and sideways baseball cap
by chris drain October 02, 2005



Walt Disney is late, he is "6 feet under".
by coolbeans April 13, 2008
slang: to proclaim that one is in the process of vacating the premises. To say good-bye to a homey. Also short for: later, as in "see you later."
Ima fuck, aite. Late.

I'll see you at the club, late man.
by ookiemonster April 21, 2003
A term to mean someting is tired, no good, lacks taste, ugly, any negative description.
Very popular among black gay men.
That dress is so late.
He was so late for leaving me a lone.
This show is so LATE.
You're late.
by Jurran June 02, 2006
1. When a female's period is late, and she believes she might be pregnant.

2. Someone who's dead.

3. Shortened version of "later" as in goodbye

4. Not on time
1. Oh, fuck, I'm late .. .

2. The late Mr. Norris


4. Ach, sorry I'm late!!
by hallohallohallo February 06, 2009
the act of getting wrecked, dealt, or lated.
you got dealt son, late.
all i do is late fools like you all day.
dealt, late.
stop hacking or i'll late u.
by hendrix5224 September 07, 2007
shorter version of "see you later" or "bye."

used in california as another way of exclaiming victory or when somone gets "served"
(Ted aces his opponent for the win)
Ted- "LATE"

Jared- "I just got my ass kicked by that little kid"
Ted- "Late pussy"
by March 16, 2010

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