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An erection begotten after viewing a fat woman (or man).
Dude, I got a lardon at the Weight Watchers meeting this morning.
by the real zack c August 24, 2006
The state of arousal felt by a fat person when they near a pie shop, burger bar or other food outlet.
Jono was doing so well, but as he passed Greggs, he got such an uncontrollable lard on that he simply had to rush inside and buy four steak slices, three pasties and a bag of doughnuts. The twat.
by Westy1980 August 18, 2006
Used to describe a mans state of arousal when in the presence of a fat bird.
Ben:"Dude! Check out the 20 stoner!
Andrew:"Oh yeah baby, i got a lard on fo sure!"
Ben:"Giggidy giggidy"!
Andrew:"Allll right"!
by Banj December 23, 2004
When you get aroused at the thought of consuming large amounts of fatty food.
"The sight of that Big Mac is giving me a lard-on"

At a steak house: "Guys, we can't leave until my lard-on goes down"
by Mark n' Rhys August 18, 2010
The short stub of the penis that actually makes it outside the body when an obese man gets an erection.
Hardon? Lardon more like...
by joskarith November 15, 2004
When you eat too much food and your belly is too big to even see your own cock.
"Fuck, that bargain bucket gave me a lard-on so i pissed on the floor."
by DaveSiiick November 21, 2012
An erection facilitated by the arousal over a fat chick.
I know it's weird but for some reason that fat chick over there is giving me a major lardon.
by Kilgor Trout December 30, 2009
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