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A satirical piece of writing which ridicules someone or something.
Some of the most funny writings are lampoons which make fun of people.
by D-Vo February 02, 2006
The autocorrected form of lmao when too many o's are added. Can be used as the new and improved form of lmao, meaning laughing all my pretty objects off now.
OMG lampoon! That was so funny.
by Leggzrawrzz July 28, 2013
When someone shoots for goal in football (soccer) with incredible power from outside the 18-yard box, it is said that the player has 'lampooned' a shot.

Thought to have derived from Frank Lampard Jnr., a midfield player for Chelsea well known for his long range shooting prowess.
"Whoa, Lamps really lampooned that one."
"I know, that was some serious lampoonage."
by James Frost July 19, 2006
To do a humorous send-up using lamps a'la Ryan Higa nigahiga on youtube.
"I think Ryan has mastered the art of lamp-based comedy"

"Yes, that is what is known as a lampoon"
by elephantspike December 01, 2010
when you throw a baby sheep (lamb) at a political figure...eg. JUlia gillard.. you do this like whaling except with sheep.
dude you just lampooned obama

oh bumma
by awsomness has a name August 07, 2011
What one gets before one is charged with both statutory rape and bestiality.
Sexual Deviant: I'm so horny for lampoon.
Associate of Sexual Deviant: Ewe should be ashamed of yourself.
Random Urban Dictionary User: PUNS PWN!
by jgthomas January 11, 2007