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Disturbing reptilian creature with the abilities to deepthroat an entire turtle and either regurgitate the carapace at breakneck speeds or instantaneously form it into a sizable egg and pass it through its cloaca. It often frustrates some people with its inability to maintain either a wholly spitting or swallowing policy. Also, a reputed lover of the equally ambiguous Birdo.
Nintendo "gamer": Hey Yoshi, spits or swallows?
Yoshi: (inane gibberish possibly meaning "I will deepthroat your entire being and then decide.")
by jgthomas January 10, 2007
A person that is actually easy-going who poses as an emo to attract other emos. They are easy to identify because instead of listening to bands like Simple Plan they listen to music.
person 1: why is that guy in mascara listening to Van Halen?
person 2: he must be a tickle me emo.
by jgthomas January 13, 2007
A creature that defies definition. Reputed bitch of Yoshi.
Birdo: Oh noes, I am currently experiencing an identity crisis.
Yoshi: STFU. Go make me a sammich, Bitcho!
by jgthomas January 11, 2007
Unit for measuring any measurable value. It is largely inconsistent, as a rectangle may be one swiggot in length and one swiggot in width and not be a square. However, an advantage is that you can B.S. a measurement of something, and no one can call you on it.
Nondescript Antagonist 1: How long is your crotch sausage?
Nondescript Respondent: That's a little personal.
Nondescript Antagonist 2: Don't be a dickcock. Tell us how long it is?
Nondescript Respondent: Thirteen swiggots.
Nondescript Antagonist 1: Wowzo! That sounds impressive.
Nondescript Respondent: Did you just use the term "wowzo"?
by jgthomas January 13, 2007
Diamond jewelry for the penis. Also called dingaling bling.
Penis Jewelry Aficionado: With my new cock rock I'll have the classiest penis at the Christmas Party. Happy Birthday, Jesus!
by jgthomas January 11, 2007
What one gets before one is charged with both statutory rape and bestiality.
Sexual Deviant: I'm so horny for lampoon.
Associate of Sexual Deviant: Ewe should be ashamed of yourself.
Random Urban Dictionary User: PUNS PWN!
by jgthomas January 11, 2007

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