Script user kiddie hackers who claim to be "intermediate" or "advanced".
You with the trojan. Your such a lamer
by Shank September 09, 2003
A script kiddie who talks shit to other users.
Well loser, I will run Sub7 on your ass.
by Hitsua May 18, 2004
An interjection expressing disapproval for some action or activity that does not seem interesting or exciting.
Christina: "Hey, want to go watch a movie?"
Michelle: "No, sorry, I can't, I have to study for six hours because I have a biology test."
Christina: "Lamers!"
by Kaylena April 28, 2008
Somebody idiotic who thinks they look/sound good to other people over the Internet, a complete half-witted simpleton.
They possess a tendency to tAlK lIkE tHiS or add lot's of random characters at the beginning and end of their screen name.
They like to hang around in chat rooms, tick folk off with their scrolling of macros and constant asking of "A/S/L???" and are usually in their teens.

They attempt to talk 'code' with you and identify themselves (unknowingly) as a 'script kiddy'.
They annoy the crap out of people over the net so innocently in their n00b like manner, yet..

They are almost amusing to MANY people.
Lamer: "sEnD mEh Da FuNkY wRitin."

PeggyLuXXX: "You mean the program of which changes your FONT?"

Lamer: "i want meh writin all coooooooooool."

PeggyLuXXX: "Go and download it from the web site I gave you."

Lamer: "carnt."

PeggyLuXXX: "*Sigh*.. Er, why? o_O."

Lamer: "duNNo 2 hard. a/s/l?????????????????????."

by PeggyLuXXX June 11, 2007
Someone who posts threads or topics on forums for the sole purpose of irritating others.
Half the users on this site are lamers.
by Matt July 08, 2005
(noun) An individual who is acting in a frustrating or annoying way. Someone who is not behaving appropriate to their current situation or is putting on a general disagreeable attitude.

(noun) Someone who is acting rather lame.

(synonyms) loser, bore, git, idiot, retard
I really get annoyed when we have to hang out with Tommy, he\'s just such a lamer ever since he got rejected last weekend.
by Caitlin McNabb November 14, 2007
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