Lake Forest is a large town on the North Shore. Many people who live in this town think they are the richest on the North Shore, and cannot accept the fact that they are obviously not. I live on the North Shore, and I have definitely seen the town of Lake Forest, the residents, the stores, and the homes. I know for a fact that it is NOT the richest town on the North Shore, let alone the richest town in the country. In fact, Lake Forest is the 3rd richest town on the North Shore, not the 3rd richest town in the country. Kenilworth and Winnetka rank higher for various reasons. Lake Forest people generally forget to acknowledge the fact that New Trier (which is where most kids on the North Shore go to high school) is ranked MUCH higher than Lake Forest Academy, and the sad fact that Lake Forest is about a half-hour farther from the city, which is where many people on the North Shore work and/or shop.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of Lake Forest is rich, but a lot of Lake Forest is middle class, also. I don’t know why people in Lake Forest try to rub it in people's faces that they live on the North Shore. It really isn't that big of a deal, but they seem to want to let everybody think that they are ridiculously rich, when in reality; Lake Forest is NOT that fabulous.

So next time you read one of those false definitions about Lake Forest, or the North Shore (written by residents of Lake Forest) remember all of the true facts you have just read about.

Also notice the names of the people who wrote about the "perfection" (yeah right) of Lake Forest. That is so ridiculous, not to mention embarrassing.

Sorry, all you people who live in Lake Forest. You've got to face the facts. Some of you people just need to GET OVER YOURSELVES!

By the way, the definition written by richgirl1789 is total bullshit.
by thinkpink1212 November 26, 2006
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