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Goodna is suburb located on the west side of Brisbane. Also known as G Town and the 43rd District (The 43 symbolizing the first two numbers of the area code 4300) It is known for it’s single mothers, unemployment, drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and generally a rough neighbourhood. One of the only suburbs with four stop signs at an intersection. Members of the public who are not locals should be aware of danger zones such as Josey Park and the Weeroona Hotel during the hours of 8PM – 6 AM weekdays/weekends.
Person 1 – “Where are you from”
Person 2 – “I’m from Goodna”
Person 1 – “Where’s that?”
Person 2 – “It’s near Ipswich”
Person 1 – “Daaaaamn… that’s far. I wouldn’t wanna fuck with that area.”
by Unethikal October 07, 2007

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