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An affluent suburb north of Chicago.The people that live in lake forest usually come form old/corrupt money and therefore strive for nothing in everyday life and their schooling except for dating around and "keeping it classy (which really means act like whore/ d-bag you are but don't let too many people find out, because that would be just so not classy)".Lake Forest hides the fact that it has the highest teen drinking and drug rate in America and that if it's people weren't considered rich they would be called trash. In the past 3 months 4 kids have committed suicide (and of course it didn't make local news) because they were tormented by the kids and the suffocating atmosphere at Lake Forest High School. Lake Forest residents refuse to think that maybe their bigotry leads to humble people's demise and instead sob dishonestly about the "friends" they've lost. The guys that live in Lake Forest are far from charming but their money and preppy colored clothing attracts the dumb whores who infest the town whom are raised from birth to look for their potential husbands so they can comfortably stay in their historical roles of stay-at-home moms. People in Lake Forest call themselves "beautiful" when in fact many are walking the line of average and they all look the same. Overall, Lake Forest is a true white trash town (excluding the token black guy).
Person 1: Hey dude, you wanna go to Lake Forest to get some grub?

Person 2: Nah! A sandwich costs like $10 there and besides I wouldn't fit in if ya know what I mean.

Person 1: trust me I know what your sayin dude! Those people are living on cloud 9.
by Honestyisthekey June 12, 2012
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