1. A game in which two 10-member teams attempt to send a small ball into each other's netted goal, each player being equipped with a crosse or stick at the end of which is a netted pocket for catching, carrying, or throwing the ball.
2. Canadaian slang for masturbation.
3. The name of the Buick LaCrosse, causing many giggles in Quebec.

Example 1:
Guy 1: I play lacrosse.
Guy 2: What are you, a woman?
Guy 1: No, but I like the women on my team.
Guy 2: Dude, but they're totally butch!
Guy 1: I like it that way.

Example 2:
Québécois 1: Voulez-vous aller à la bibliothèque?
Québécois 2: Pas, je veux rentrer à la maison et lacrosse.

Example 3:
Québécois: Oh ho ho, le nom de cette voiture est très drôle!
by Kevin September 27, 2008
A sport played on a field thats 110 yards long and 60 yards wide, and played by men whos dicks are the same size.

During the spring time, wild badasses all over the world flock to their nearest lacrosse field. If you are allergic to large doses of manliness (or play baseball), it would be good practice to mantain a safe distance from these lacrosse games, as the concentration of badassery has been known to cause seziures.
John (Baseball player): Hey Jake, lets walk over here.
Jake (Baseball player): Naw man, I hear theres a lacrosse game over there.
John: C'mon man, it'll be fine.
Jake: No John, its too dangerous.
John: Fine, I'll just go by myself.
Jake: No John, its too dangerous. That much badass in one place... It can be deadly.
*John keeps walking*
Jake: John, get back here right now!
*John continues to walk*
Jake: John!
*John sees lacrosse game and has a seizure from the concentration of badassery*
*Jake tries to run over and help John, but collapses early. He's not used to physical activity.*
by Lucas823 April 17, 2011
Fastest contact sport (The fastest Non-contact sport would be ping pong) involving a stick and a ball. 10 people on the feild at once. 3 attack, 3 midfeilders, 3 defenders, and 1 goalie. Many rules are adopted from hockey and shares the same aggressiveness as hockey and football. This can possibly be the sport with the most rules, as Lacrosse has so many rules that even many college players are unaware of some of the rules. Lacrosse was invented by Native Americans and was proven to be North America's 1st sport.
Lacrosse burns 3 times as many calories as football, think about that.
by Zigs44 April 19, 2009
Commonly known as "lax." Possibly the coolest sport ever played. If you look in the dictionary, under "legit" one of the definitions is "SEE LACROSSE." Pretty much the only sports that stands up to it is football. It requires endurance, accuracy, strength, agility, and of course balls (unless of course you play girls lax).

It is often made fun of my pansy baseball players because they're mad that lacrosse makes their sport look like a bunch of homosexuals playing tag with each other. Their usual insults to the sport is "it's gay" or "it's for pussies" because they can't actually think of anything legitimately gay about the sport. Maybe if they didn't have such an abundance of estrogen in their lard ass bodies they'd enjoy lacrosse for the manly sport it is.

Lacrosse is a big time contact sport so players are required to wear quite a bit of upper body pads. It's probably a good idea seeing as solid balls of rubber are being hurled at speeds over 80mph sometimes.

Bottom Line: greatest sport out there, its a sport for real men, baseball doesn't even come close.
Glen: I'm not very athletic, but I'd like to feel like I actually play a sport. I also like penises and wearing tight pants while I run around in circles. What sport should I play this year?

Rob: Sounds like baseball is the sport for you. Since I actually want to play a legitimate sport and want to play one that actually requires skill and dexterity, I think I'll play a beastly sport like lacrosse.

Glen: Lacrosse seems really cool and manly, but I'm intimidated by contact sports because I'm a total pussy. I think I'll stick to baseball, maybe in the fall I'll go out for soccer.

Rob: Yeah, why don't you try coming out of the closet first, homo.
by Kevdude Sweenmiester March 07, 2008
if you dont know what this sport is you better be an alien dead or in jail for all of your life
if you play lacrosse than that is your life
by scarpi June 17, 2007
A game where grown men wack each other with their sticks.
Cindy: I'm going to go play some lacrosse
Tom: But you don't have a stick
Cindy: shit!
by deathbyducttape May 07, 2007
A freaking sweet sport. It's for the athletic players who are looking for something more exciting than baseball, not trying to put down baseball in any way. Dominated by the East Coast, although it's starting to spread out in California and Colorado. A predominantly white sport, but as it spreads people of all races are beginning to start playing.
Typical Baseball Player: OMFGZOR LACROSSE IS GAY!
Typical Lacrosse Player: OMFGZOR BASEBALL IS GAY!

And this accomplishes...?
by eMachine August 14, 2006
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