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The wealthiest ghetto in America. Actually the wealthiest predominantly African-American county in the country. The 'wealthiest' status is likely to change as the crime and school system worsens, and the wealthy blacks and ALL the whites leave, being replaced by the poverty stricken residents of SE Wash. DC.
Did you hear about the two murders last night in the 'affluent' community of Largo in pg county?
by mdterp09 May 31, 2008
Way better than baseball, lacrosse is sport for rich high school and college kids. It is very popular in Canada and the states in the Northeast US (particularly Maryland), because of the region's abundance of aforementioned rich college kids. Its the only college level sport (excluding UMCP basketball) that Div. 1 college teams from Maryland are reliably good at.
Fan 1: Did you check out this years college lacrosse tourney brackets? Five of the 16 teams are from Maryland!

Fan 2: Wow, we may suck at college basketball and football but we rule at lacrosse!
by mdterp09 June 13, 2008

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