1.doing something perfectly
2.to fuck
1a. "Have you tried that trick yet?" "Man, I laced that shit"
1b. (while playing Halo you snipe someone) "Bitch! You just got LACED!"
2. "Man I laced that shit the first night"
by Benk January 02, 2005
to shoot someone a numerous amount of times.
keep talk'n and im'a lace yo bitch ass up
by lowrance Moore February 07, 2008
1. To be in a state of relaxation; chilled out, laid back, easy going.

2. Used to describe the uneventfulness of a city or place in a positive manner.
1. (Sunny afternoon, sitting around with friends doing nothing)
"I'm feeling so lace right about now."
"Today has been so lace."

2. "Man, this city is so lace, nothing ever happens here."
"I love how lace this place is, it's very calming."
by MushroomLOL October 02, 2006
Any level of hooking up or making out.
To fully lace is to have intercourse.
Oral lace is felatio or cunnilingus.
- "I laced his/her face."
- "I went back to that naughty teens dorm room after funneling, like, twelve beers, or something, and we laced."
-"yo, after the prom, did you lace?"
by VCHS March 27, 2003
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