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Yeah...your cool actually would describe something you possess being cool or cold, basically.
Since your is possesive and you're isn't.
Man, your cool bike is getting stolen.
Dude, you're so cool that your cool shoes are even cooler by being on you.
by Knows_Grammar June 22, 2007
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a phrase used with great sarcasm, to show that something is in fact, not cool at all. Can also be, shes cool, hes cool, theyre cool. Note the spelling and lack of apostrophe, this is very important.
Coined by the legenary O.J Goddard, exact date unknown.
"Wow, Your Cool..."
"She likes Good Charlotte AND Rammstein? Wow, shes cool..."
by O.M January 17, 2004
two words used to show sarcasm of some1 being cool. they do not mean it when they use it in a sarcastic way.
bobby: "i can do the reject dance now!"

sam: " wow, your cool."
by jerkingurl808 May 04, 2009

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