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A word used to describe an aggressive female from the Valley (L.A) who is quite taken with herself and puts others down without hesitation.
Kate: "OMG did you see that guy at the party? He was such a loser!"

Michelle: " Haha, you're so Lacee!"
by blacksox310 May 25, 2013
A ghetto version and twist to the name Lacey.
"My mother thought I was special, so she named me Lacee"
by lakersbitch May 28, 2013
A creative twist to the name Lacy, the person whom may hold this name tends to be unique, edgy and awesomatic on a cosmic level.
Person- Hey, what's up? I'm Lacee.
by Evee May 24, 2008
An extremely sexy lady who will speak her mind. She will destroy anyone who messes with her friends and/or family. She is beautiful and is hot headed. She is known for her quick temper and for being a loyal and supportive of others around her.
That girl must be a Lacee cause she is looking good!

I'm so glad I have a Lacee as a friend

Dang that girl is such a Lacee always being there for me.

That is one Lacee walking down the street I hope she glances my way!
by ms-iceboxpenguin January 19, 2012
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