A word used my Filipino and Malaysian players of Ragnarok Online when asking for zeny. Usually said with horrid english skills.Usually followed by a ton of question marks. Few of these players from those contries have perfect english, those few rock.
Player:"xcuse me"
Other Player:"What?"
Player:"can u gib me zeny pls la?"
Other player:"What?"
Player:"ZENY PLS LA????????"
by RO player December 20, 2004
La: "laugh(ed) audibly"

A more refined version of the outdated LOL. Short form
I Wrote a Canadian Kama Sutra, La
by Joff Chaucer April 07, 2011
A word used by scousers instead of a full stop (period) at the end of each sentance. Similar to Glaswegian "byraway", cockney "innit" or brummies "aroooit".
Now den la, 'ow's yer ma?
by Charlie O'Kane November 18, 2003
The act of stealing or illegally removing tokens from pizza boxes inorder to save money.

In a similar mold to 'gold fever', the 'La' will stoop to new lows for their preciouusss pizza tokens.

May be seen going through your neighbours recycling bins, selling friends organs on the black market for tokens or even on the streets giving handjobs for some token action.
"Where the fuck have all my Hell Pizza tokens gone ? "
"I think Al La'ed them! He's up at the store now saving a buck on a large pepperoni and cheese"
by Hell Pizza December 06, 2006
A chinese phrase usually said after a sentance in conversation, this is also followed by the other person answering with ar at the end of their sentance.
I've only got green socks, is that ok la?
Yup, thats fine ar!
by The Cherry Blossom Girl August 14, 2005
"là" is a french word that can be translating by "now" in english. In quebec, they use this in there sentence like a kind of ponctuation.
-mais, je ne sais pas quoi faire->mais là je ne sais pas quoi faire
-je m'en vais, bye.->je m'en vais bye là
by roi ponpon August 14, 2005
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