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1. the epitome of creativity: whether it be on the canvas, playing in a band, dancing on a pole, or in bed
2. god-like
3. sexy as hell
Just looking at Niles could make a girl orgasm
by La February 20, 2005
really hot girls who are hotter then all the fat-legged kinkaid, st. johns, and first pres. girls put together!!!
st. johns guy: whoa look at that fine girl over there!!

st johns guy 2: yea she goes to river oaks baptist! they're all like that!
by la June 28, 2004
piece of color guard equipment reserved for the more experienced, requiring more dance skill than rifle or flag would
Whoa. That girl just did a six on sabre. She's my hero.
by la April 18, 2005
Celtic word used to describe, essentially, altered states of consciousness. Usually attained through naturally occuring psychotropic drugs.

Druids would often take psilocybin in ceremony and trip off into the Aethyr.

Similar to Sanskrit word "Loka".
"He's just taken a shitload of mushies - he'll be in the Aethyr for hours"
by la November 02, 2004
a kid named huntal who jsut liek walks around wearing clah shirts and is like hey i got my eyebrow peirced; also see vain
huntal is the most vain person i know. k bye
by la April 15, 2005
An oxymoron .........
Good god? HA! Don't kid me!
by la July 21, 2004
what all the cool kids are saying, in an effort to appear rebellious (?)
yarrgh, skeet, skeet, RAWK ONNNNNNN, im rick james bitch
by la June 01, 2004

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