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nickname for the town of Elizabeth, NJ.
yo cuddy, we gunna hit up eastwick later?
by emo December 07, 2004
short for That's Fucked Up.
"you can't freeload off my booze anymore"
"TFU Bitch!"
by emo October 06, 2004
Evolved by em from pwn. It means to own greater than pwn.
Entensity pwntinders you.
by Emo June 18, 2004
Fucking Disgusting! When anything is gross beyond words.
Man the food in the caf is fugusting.
by emo October 21, 2004
scutty, lowest of the low
''look at that yetmo!''
by Emo November 11, 2004
squishy chamber is the vagina
any female with a vagina
by Emo October 22, 2003
a person who is a retard.And burger is funny
"hey there tardburger!"
by Emo December 25, 2003
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