A word that usually ends almost every sentence that one can ever says. Usually used by Chinese especially Malaysians, Singaporeans and some Indonesians.
"I don't know la"
"He went there already la"
by cheneying around February 04, 2005
1. Arabic word for "no"
Iraqi kid to U.S. soldier, mistah, mistah pepsi?
U.S. soldier, "la"
by warpig November 27, 2004
A subject in which you eat a lot of chocolate, talk, yell, and throw books at the wall.
everybody's favorite subject is LA... except some people like art... and some people like calculus
by theright1 October 16, 2010

(used in the same context as lol)
Statement: Sorry if I'm not too cheery, my best friend just died yesterday.
Worthless Reply: la
by harmun March 08, 2009
Shortening of the work "look", used to draw attention to something, some one, or some action. FOr example when drawing attention to ones alert appendage during intercourse
Proclaming to a female in bed, "Look at that, la!"
by shenaniganz00 September 01, 2006
Regional colloquialism for the Laurelton section of Queens, NYC.
"I'm from LA, 137th Ave".
L.A. which is short for Los Angeles, is big city in southwest California. L.A. is best known for its gangs, traffic, celebrities, and hot girls.
L.A. is the best city in the world.
by TheAnonymousG June 01, 2012

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