Overrated junkie who shot himself.
Kurt Cobain was a bum and I don't give a fuck about who I offend when I say it.
by underrated heroin addict May 04, 2008
to commit suicide, also a talented musician who served as a part of the band nirvana
"OMG!! my dog kurt cobain'd itself :("
"dude i have a raging clue!!!"
" >=( MY FUCKEN DOG KURT COBAIN'D ITSELF I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR ERECTION!!!!! atleast we all know you dont hav E.D. :D"
by Mystik_11 July 31, 2008
lacks a head.

which is kinda funny.
hey kurt, where's your head at?
by harsh reality June 03, 2005
Overrated by ignorant teenyboppers but even more hated by total fags with no musical taste.
Nirvana was a decent band.I don't know why idiots have to overrate them and why stupid butt fags have to hate them.
by stupid fags February 19, 2005
lead singer of the best band there ever was. at 14 he said he was going to grow up and be a great rocker and kill himself, going out w/ tons of glory. he did, krist and dave knew he was going to(they had to have, read the lyrics to u know yr right), and said he did it b/c it's better to burn out than to fade away.
by Jay July 12, 2003
An incredibley overated and incompprehensle singer, this is probably due to that if we could actually hear the words we'd realise what bullshit they where.

Whinny depressive punk, Kurt killed himself because he was succesful and famous.
Kurt Cobain Oh god! I sold a bunch of albums Woe
by Maaartin March 11, 2006
Kurt Cobain was the sexiest man alive...hes prolly the sexiest dead person also! lol.....for those of u who wrote that he commited suiced u must not b true cobain fans..HE WAS KILLED BY a BLOOD SUCKING WHORE, COURTNEY LOVE!!(im ashamed to b a courtney ...), who is also his wife:S ....that fucking whore is going to burn in hell for that shit...but neways.....he was part of the grunge band, Nirvana, which is also the best band out there.....if u havent bought the box set yet....get off ur ass and go get it!....its only $45..... not that much is it?...and if u cant afford it.....go bum some money from a friend......and for those of u who are burning off the internet....u suck....u obviously arent true fans....just POSERS!!!!
Kurt Cobain u are the sexiest man that ever walked the earth... im sry u had to b MURDERED BY UR BLOOD SUCKING WIFE!!!!....but neways ...u will be loved forever by ur true fans!

RIP>>>WE LOVE U!!!!!
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