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is having courage - courage to do what's right.
coolness is having courage
courage to do what's right
just try to remember always
just to have a good time
good time good time good time
goo time goo thime goo thime
doo dime doo dime ooo im ooo im
by brotherbear February 02, 2009
Showing approval. Something that is favored.
Hey I just got a new ______.
by El Fredo April 11, 2004
when the something is really, really cool it approaches coolness
Yeah, I'm down for grabbing some pizza. Coolness!
by Bungalow Bill October 13, 2001
One's attractiveness in society as determined by their amount of win. For men, it's the equivalent of having a ridonck b'donk-a-donk.
Wow that man's coolness level is over 9000, so if he was a girl, I'd tap that ass.
by delarock February 20, 2010
Coolness was founded on the TV show Parker Lewis Can't Lose. This show was originally based on the teenage cult classic Ferris Buelers Day Off, however the writers stepped up and earned their paychecks and made something special. Like many FOX comedies that suffer without a real audience (Family Guy, Arrested Development), PLCL died in obscurity. Coolness itself doesn’t denote supreme awesomeness. Instead it connotates a very chill relaxed attitude.
"That girl keeps walking by and checking you out..."
"Coolness, give it a while, let her sweat it out"
by Beefy10128 November 04, 2005
Cool, awesome, wonderful, exciting, and great.
Jack: "I got a 100 on my exam!"
Janie: "That's coolness."
by BFSA November 12, 2009
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