Kurt Cobain was the sexiest man alive...hes prolly the sexiest dead person also! lol.....for those of u who wrote that he commited suiced u must not b true cobain fans..HE WAS KILLED BY a BLOOD SUCKING WHORE, COURTNEY LOVE!!(im ashamed to b a courtney ...), who is also his wife:S ....that fucking whore is going to burn in hell for that shit...but neways.....he was part of the grunge band, Nirvana, which is also the best band out there.....if u havent bought the box set yet....get off ur ass and go get it!....its only $45..... not that much is it?...and if u cant afford it.....go bum some money from a friend......and for those of u who are burning off the internet....u suck....u obviously arent true fans....just POSERS!!!!
Kurt Cobain u are the sexiest man that ever walked the earth... im sry u had to b MURDERED BY UR BLOOD SUCKING WIFE!!!!....but neways ...u will be loved forever by ur true fans!

RIP>>>WE LOVE U!!!!!
One word definition: GOD.
Kurt Cobain is god. www.justiceforkurt.com
by hana December 30, 2003
Miserable boring beardy hippy frontman of shit heavy metal band with pretensions of importance. Said he was influenced by the Sex Pistols. He must have been listening to a different Sex Pistols then. Either that or he just didn't get it. The Pistols were never about being a scruffy whining hippy in a plaid shirt. Most interesting thing he ever did was blow his brains out. Fuck off you silly cunt!
to do a 'Kurt Cobain' - play shit heavy metal in a plaid shirt.
by ripoff July 24, 2006
Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and guitarist of the band Nirvana. Kurt Cobain was very good at writing songs. He died in 1994, only 27 years old. Some people say he committed suicide, others believe he was murdered by his wife, Courtney Love. Lots of people (mostly teenage boys) have their hair cut like him because to like Kurt Cobain is considered cool. I think this is quite sad, because apparantly Kurt was not a very cool person, and someone who I know, practically worships Kurt, and he is very cool. Everyone likes him, and he despises uncool people, such as me. I think you know who you are, Mr Richardson.
Will Richardson: Guess what
Alice Fellows: What
Will Richardson: I've got my hair cut like Kurt Cobain!
Alice: wow
Will Richardson: Yeah I know! I rule!
by Alice January 09, 2005
The Original Emo!
*Think* about it....
~Face obstructing hair...the most notrious emo trait!
~Deppresive....ever listened to Hawthorn Heights?
~Liked to make out with male friends...mmm,emo boys kissing!
~Bi-sexual....again,emo boys kissing.
~Very cute...as 99% of emo boys are
~Music Obssesed....as all emo are.
~Daddy Issuses....All Emos have these.
~Bad childhood...most emos claim to have had one. I personally did.

*Woah* I was right!
'I wish i could eat your cancer when you turn black...'
Emoboy:"Was that The Used!?"
EmoGirl:"No you turd,that's Nirvana"
EmoBoy:"Damn..I thought they'd suddenley got awesome."

R.I.P Kurt Cobain.
you can trust me Kurt..I didn't buy the motherfucking "Greatest Hits" album.
Fuck you,whoever put that out (Probably Courtney)
by bandanasarerad August 24, 2006
Let's see...
He was a worthless drug addict.
He wasn't all that great at guitar.
I've seen several definitions reffering to him as "the greatest musician ever" or "the greatest song writer ever"..
let's look at the facts shall we?
Many other bands have started Genre's.
are they hailed as the greatest bands ever? no.
Iron Maiden was one of the most influential bands in thrash metal, and they defined the sound of a genre. are they hailed as Gods? no.
Pink Floyd was argueably one of the most influential bands of our time. For god's sake, even KorN covered them. but are they hailed as God's again? no
the greatest songwriter of all time eh?
Are we to throw away Bob Dylan or Johnny cash for some heroin addict?
and his meager guitar playing skills?
Smells like teen spirit chorus is 4 power chords, 'nuff said.
Guy 1: oh man, I'm so anti-establishment, I listen to Nirvana, Kurt is amazing, he roxxxxorz your soxxxxorz lol, he like totally expresses my lyf in general, I am so sad
Guy 2- No, your a pathetic moron who thinks he's cool. Kurt wasn't good, and frankly, I'm glad he's dead.
by Cameron May 28, 2005
A self-absorbed, emersed in emotional turmoil but creative somewhat enlighten indivisual. He was a visionary in his field and could of accomplish great things if he would of use his life for self-accutlization instead of realizeing nobody could ever understand him or love him for who he really was. Admired for being original and innovative and a true maverick revolutionlizing rock as we know it but hated by judgemental racist conservatives who just misunderstood him. Also for those nutjobs who keep saying he dident kill himself but was murdered is like those people who say tupac is still alive which I belive he is. I know Kurt Cobain killed himself because we have the same personality traits INFj with a 4w5 and I want to kill myself all the time
Paul: Kurt Cobain was legend to bad he was murdered

Jon: Your to shallow and narrow minded to see Kurts true pain and why he killed himself

Paul: huh

Jon: you stupid nutjob. Terms you understand owwww cry cry boom.

Paul: Why Kurt!!! Why
by Iwillteachyou April 12, 2006
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