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An intense exclamation of desire, extremity, intensity, or sexual justice. In the most extreme of these situations one must declare "Lee! R! Kump!"

"MMM...that BOTP was kumpin'! I thought I couldn't get 'nuff ass!"

"Dude, take a look at this big-ass kump I just took!"

"Those fruitsnacks were kumptastic! Strawberry, I would superman that ho!"
by Powder "Lil' Slowpoke" Zoolander January 26, 2008
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The word hails from Elko, Nevada, wherein there is a football field called Kump Field. One day, a group of girls were watching a Pee-Wee football game on said field, when they noticed how awesomely stupid the word Kump is. So from then on, Kump became a word you use to insult people. It's pretty much another word for idiot, retard, stupid, dumbass, douchebag, etc.
God, Mike was being such a Kump today!
by Vampire_Goddess September 12, 2009
The prospect of awakening without experiencing a violent death due to the commendable ethical mortifying Chuck Noris, while also being compeled to bring to exhistance the very prospect of which you are still a sentient coherent living being.
"Hey hey hey I'm fat Albert, and I just woke up to find that Chuck Noris didn't kill me, another kump day!" - Fat Albert
by Behaming July 28, 2006

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