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Also can be known as a 'jade' or other catlike creatures. People who have a catlike face and nature are often refered to as a 'Pretty Kitty'. Note: Being refered to as a 'Pretty Kitty' is usally a compliment not an insult.
by daniel a.k.a benjamin October 09, 2005
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A felin that loves his owner but will put a paw up if he is felling down.
Hey pretty kitty(put's paw in owners face)!!!!!!!!
by poo August 28, 2003
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A variation on the White Glove.
While doing the lucky lady from behind, cum in you hand.
Before she has time to turn around, begin to pet the back of her head (with the cum covered hand), whilst saying "Who's a pretty kitty?"
after i gave her the pretty kitty, She had to cut her hair like a lesbian. So I told her not to call me any more.
by Hea-da May 25, 2011
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