What white girls are to black men.

"Hey Leroy, where you been, the white girl got you under a spell??"
"Nah man, it's just the kryptonite!!"
by jaxnajax March 19, 2009
Kryptonite is the new beer. It is a high energy, high alcohol drink with distinctive affects; namely memory loss, intense energy, false confidence and a guaranteed crazy adventure.

Designed originally for special occasions, but rapidly becoming a weekly, if not daily, ritual by students everywhere.


1) Red bull equivalent energy drink (Cheap brands - preferably "Red Rooster")
2) Blue WKD equivalent (Cheap brands - preferably "VS")
3) Vodka (Cheap brands - preferably "Morinov")

Depending on next day memory requirement, ratios can vary from 3:2:1 (I have an exam tomorrow), 2:2:1 (standard), or 1:1:1 (not for the inexperienced)

Pre-drinking ritual:
Once enough drinks have been mixed for all involved in the kryptosession, everyone must lift their glasses, clink them together, and recite the Kryptoast:

"See you tomorrow!"

An immense concoction, not for the inexperienced.
1) Mike: "Hurry up and mix that drink! I need my krypto!"
Sam: "But it's only 9:30 on a monday morning"
Gareth: "Yea but we is soled. Gotta hit the kryptosesh hard"

2) Mike: "Ahh mate i'm buzzing from that kryptonite!"
Sam: "I don't understand what you are saying my friend, I have had 4 pints of kryptonite"
Gareth: "Mix up some more biatch"

3) Mike: "Arhhh mann, I is buzzzinnnnn!!!"
Gareth: "fjdisdfojsifoijoisf!!!"
by samstorm88 April 26, 2007
One of the hottest rappers ever to put out music.
i thank kryptonite is da best rappa alive and i luv dat sliver chrome gat nigga.
by loc kryptonite November 29, 2007
what one lover feels like to another if he/she has said lover over a barrel/trapped in a sexy corner. you know...
diamonds pressed against that wood, fly away from the kryptonite.
by Golem was a greedy stripper September 14, 2006
(n.) a form of crystal methamphetamine that turns into a green liquid when melted for the purpose of the inhallation of its vapors.
Man this ice is kryptonite, this shit is crazy.
by clownpenis January 06, 2006
Marijuana(ussaly dro) mixed with crack cocaine
yo Im on that kryptonite, strait up on dat kryptonite
by goooooooogle bob September 27, 2006
1: A green, radioactive metorite, broken from the distant, late planet of Krypton, that cancels out any Kryptonian's superpowers, such as Superman.
2: Something that is a great weakness to a particular person, such as the aforementioned metiorite to Superman, etc.
1: Krypto the Superdog (of the said show): Kryptonite... my one weakness...
2: Galatea (Justice League Unlimited): Boredom is my kryptonite... well, kryptonite is my kryptonite, but you get the idea.
by DanMat6288 July 11, 2005

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