slang term for crack cocaine
Excuse me good sir, may I purchase a nick of your fine delicious kryptonite?
by tony flo September 16, 2006
1. The only substance that can harm wordSuperman.
2. (metaphorical) Something you have a strong aversion to.
1. Kryptonite is Lex Luther's only defense.
2. No mayonaise please; that shit is kryptonite to me.
by zachwolff October 20, 2003
Phrase used to describe it when pubic hair is so massive and unkempt that the mere presence of it makes the other person unable to perform sexually.
"He has the hottest body I had ever seen until he pulled off his boxers. Those pubes were my kryptonite."
by Brenda Barger July 27, 2006
A one hand false cut invented by Dan and Dave Buck.
To be used in conjunction with card magic or such.
"Then I did the kryptonite and they were convinced the deck was mixed!"
by DarthAllanz0rd00dex March 05, 2006
1. (adj) Used by AMD to identify the types of processors
2. (noun) a harmful substance that can defeat Superman
K-6 = 300 MHz-500 MHz K7=Athlon XP and Athlon Processors K8=Athlon 64/FX/Opteron
by Noone February 01, 2005

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