A large number of persons gathered together; a throng.

A group of people attending a public function; an audience.

A large number of things positioned or considered together.
Man, this party is Krunk, I can barely get around in here.

Man the club is so krunk I can't move on the dance floor.
by jtow January 07, 2004
A new urban developed word used to describe all matter, tangible or not.
1) I krunk you
2) Ewww. There's krunk in my trunk and the Pizzo left a mess.
3) This database is krunked.
Numero...Who is good with numbers? :)
by Fumar DeAmorodate December 26, 2003
dried menstrual blood
i had to clean krunk off the toilets in the womens bathroom
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
stinky sweat
(underneath your breath and hand i said)
that shit was krunk!
oh...i meant stunk! stank is all i know.
by jerk October 05, 2003
see bow
the ring isn't a time machine? thats krunk!
by Dave Hannar September 10, 2003
Adj, Krunk

1. Feeling of bliss after consuming multiple alcoholic beverages and/or illegal and legal drugs.

2. Used to explain a particular atmosphere,environment,time or place.

(see below for example)

Origin of KRUNK.. Houston,Texas 1995!
1. " I say damn playa.. we done went and got KRUNK off that killa n them x pills last night... ya heard me?"

2. "dem there hoes from the north side got KRUNK at the crib last night n was givin up head fo free!"

by DuckSauce713 August 27, 2003
A qweef, exhibited by a drunk person. (female usually.)
Last Night, I krunked like 27 times
by Rapmusicsucks August 15, 2003

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