trying to start an argument with someone.
bitch was trying to get krunk with me!
by cassi February 27, 2005
It means to get krazy drunk
I got krunk at the club
by dayne February 04, 2005
Getting high on crank and getting drunk.
Do you only have beer? I'd rather get krunked
by Jennifer January 29, 2005
First used in 1971 when FCer 'Purge' was born. He then turned to some annonymous dot poster, bitch slapped him and then handed him a piece of paper with the correct and ONLY definition of "Krunk", BIATCH!
Stupid ass fucking dots. I'll krunk you up.
by IRuleDots January 10, 2005
a word meaning Krazie and Drunk. it is a word used at parties to bring em out and to have fun.
"Let's get this thing Krunk"
by Pheobe January 03, 2005
Being of low or poor quality or demeanor.
The Afghan alpaca is so krunk.
by Fairgood Wetherbody (Haxor III) December 17, 2004
verb : to tilt your peak (beanie/trucker whatever) to the side, so its kinda off centre -strictly hip hop kinda way.
'He looked in the mirror and krunked his cap'
by some sikk chick December 08, 2004

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