something that's fuckin CRAZY and full of enegy
That new lil' scrappy video was fuckin KRUNK!
by lcordova26 June 06, 2004
1 pumped up, ready to fight

2 "cool"
1 lets get krunk

2 that party was krunk
by Allan O. May 23, 2004
1.(v)To go postal on someone's ass.
1.I'm bout to get krunk on John if he doesn't stop being annoying.
by Bird April 05, 2004
Also, crunk. The PAST TENSE of crank, as in to "crank it up." If the volume or level of energy and intensity in a club, or a level of anything for that matter, like a high for instance, can't be "cranked up" any further, than it qualifies as crunk or krunk.
"Crank the volume? It's already crunk"

"We the type of people make the club get krunk!"

"I was blazin' rock 'til I got krunk!"
by Bob Kraftomatic February 08, 2004
A large number of persons gathered together; a throng.

A group of people attending a public function; an audience.

A large number of things positioned or considered together.
Man, this party is Krunk, I can barely get around in here.

Man the club is so krunk I can't move on the dance floor.
by jtow January 07, 2004
intoxicating emotions that make you crazy and vulnerable
Madly missing the Krunkmeister...
by fo my pizz da playa December 26, 2003
A new urban developed word used to describe all matter, tangible or not.
1) I krunk you
2) Ewww. There's krunk in my trunk and the Pizzo left a mess.
3) This database is krunked.
Numero...Who is good with numbers? :)
by Fumar DeAmorodate December 26, 2003
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