a word that is so dirty no one evn knows what it means
muthuh krunker, krunk sucker, krunk hole, son of a krunk
by bri-cat December 07, 2002
loada loadsa ketamin. nd vino.........nd... pop-persss ..... hey presto!!!! yer krunk'd
i am krunked cos des
by powbox October 07, 2007
full bladder; often caused by the intake of too much fluid

people often say krunk means crazy drunk but it actually means full bladder
it was derived from the name of a monkey bladder that is about to burst
which is actually called krunk
Kristin was krunk so she releaved herself by visiting the lady's room.
by JULIA!!!!!! December 16, 2005
Ok well alot of ppl think that this is when u are high and drunk at the same time but it's not that would twisted!
Person 1: wow I am like so0o0 krunk!

Person 2: U are a dumb ass ur twisted!
by Dumb Blonde! August 19, 2005
Krunk is word currently used by famous rappers such as lil' Jon, meaning crazy angry or in crediblr powerfull "Krunk" is a very versatile word that is gaining popularity and differing meaning.
Some dude cut me off in the freeway now im all krunk and shi*.
by Ed February 17, 2005
The word Garrett uses to describe the feeling he never gets but wishes he did.
Unhhhhh.............get krunk!(I don't know what I'm talking about)
by Mary Gay Hollis August 31, 2003
sad funny twisted beautiful.
Friendster is so Krunk
by Mark (m2) July 26, 2003

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