To be completely "messed up" by consumption of alcohol in conjunction with recreational drug(s).

Not to be confused with crunk, which is to be crazy drunk.
"Man, I got Krunk as hell last night!"
by Josh A. (aka Nigel) June 02, 2006
crazy + drunk
used to issue an extreamly drunk person
now is used for DRUNK + HIGH
yo man, i got some weed, i got some liquor, in a couple o mins, im gona be krunk quicker
by slar March 05, 2006
just get krunk.. really fuckin krunk
you havent lived unless you got krunked
by Jorge Morales March 11, 2005
a metalcore band from northern virginia.
dun-dun-dun weeeeeee!
by cheryl December 02, 2003
Smoking Crack and getting Drunk
Im Fuckin' Krunk!
by Heywood Jablowme October 31, 2003
a made-up word of no particular meaning (see whomp) publicized largely by Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz, in which Lil' Jon proclaims himself "King of Krunk". also spelled crunk.
The new Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz album is titled "Kings of Crunk."
by terrell mateo June 19, 2003
removeable gold teeth used to impress people on the street; cf Randy Jackson and the skinny guy at the New Orleans American Idol tryouts
I got my krunk for the street, and (takes out fake teeth) this for dinner with Mommy and Daddy
by JNed October 11, 2005

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