a type of dance invented to keep kids off the street. This is also called clown dancing because peeps often paint their faces an do robotic clown like movements.
O junk! Check out that kids crump! He got game!
by hotime5676 April 27, 2004
KRUMP stands for Kingdom Run Under My Power... it is a dance that is mainly popping of the chest and lots of swinging of the arms. Something i do all the time. a very spiritual and christian kind of dance.
I went to a Krump session last night
by princess lauren July 03, 2005
Faggets that cant dance.
they moves contain seizure like thrashing.
They copied some moves from popping.
they cant dance.
Krump is a new form of dance and it sucks nuts
they can never compare to b-boys or poppers
Grandpas or grandmas having a seizure.
Krump is a joke. Krumpers go suck a dick :)
by Dominic Dinh November 01, 2007
the ultimate fucked up state of feeling. way better than drunk way better than crunk way better than crump its getting fucked up with krump.

compliments to jamis57
Im so fucken krumped.
by prob February 17, 2005
Wild dance style that looks like a cross between a seizure and a tantrum with wildly iratic movements and no defined style
I was getting crazy stupid on the dance floor doin my best krump on these bitches
by ChomGV530 May 26, 2015
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