The hottest dancing around to come out of the Bay area and the West Coast! Fa sho!
Number 3 can krump off deez nuts! Ya digg!
by cherrykoolaid February 20, 2008
the safe way of moshing
krump is gay lets kill each other by moshing
by gahhhhhhh August 17, 2008
A supposed form of dancing that bears resemblance to an epileptic seizure.

Quite funny to watch. You laugh at the dancer, not with them. They think they're amazingly cool.
"Haha, some islanders are krumping over there. They look so idiotic.."
"Mate, I think they're having a seizure"
"Don't worry, it's just the 'dancing'"
"Seriously, dude.. Call an ambulance"
by Ziggy-Stardust May 20, 2008
A type of dance pioneered and invented by the Cartoonz Family. You have to feel the music within you and it involves fast, seizure-like dancing resembling much like a African Tribe's war dance. It is NOT to be confused with clown dancing because they do not paint their face and have no lower body movement like clown dancers.
Look at him on the dance floor getting KRUMP!
by bangz August 14, 2004
(v) to pummel with ones fist; to play practical jokes on; to hit closed fists together "Krumping it up"
(n) see Steve
"He got Krump'd!"

(note: past tense of "krump" is "krump'd", as in Punk'd w/ Ashton Kutcher)
by Eric Gunderson October 01, 2003
A dance done in inner cities made up of quick jerking movements. Little movement of the lower body is used. Krumping is generated from Los Angeles. AND krumping is the SH*T. This is the definition, no questions asked.
He is quite the krumper
by ATJ July 05, 2005
type of dancing first picked up by the way clown dancing waz, and finally was itz independedn thng,-krump.. you have to be able to feel the music and just basically let all you anger and emotions out thru dancing, by doing quic-like movements. krump is not to be confused with crunk...totally different!
if you still don't understand it, the best thing is to watch the movie RIZE.
by lil flave June 21, 2005

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