kooler than cool
dude, you got a cool ride! nah yours kool.
by john bosco May 27, 2004
Variation of the word "cool" within the context of something being good, superior, or interesting.
The word “Kool” is generally used by those wishing to eliminate any possible confusion between the indented meaning of the word and the more literal translation of the word “cool.”
Thats a pretty kool background.
by John "The Wolf" July 04, 2005
the combination of the 2 words "cool" and "korean". so if someone calls you "KOOL" your a cool korean
Chads Kool
by willus456 April 10, 2009
A word that people use instead of "cool" because they're not cool.

Cool Kid: You like to say "kool" because your not "cool".
by GodlyCookie October 24, 2008
Being kool.
Kool people belong in the group "K-unit".
Damn those two are so kool.
Like the other side of the pillow.
by Hollers September 14, 2005
A very n00b like way to say "cool"
omfg thats kool! U R AWESOM!!!11!!1!
by Snail of Doom January 07, 2005
Brand of girl cigarettes
Hey, I'm a girl and i smoke Kool cigarettes.
by Matt Dangler September 20, 2008

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