A remark made out of indifference or apathy; sometimes used as a snub. See also: cool story bro
person1: Wow, Michael Jackson is dead
person2: kool

person1: the suicide hotline is busy again...
person2: kool

person1: I'm pregnant
person2: kool
by creamofmeat March 04, 2010
the KOOl way to spell cool
I downloaded a kool system the other day

oh yeah? thats pretty kool

ya i thought so , no ?
by goldfish420 August 04, 2011
The short and simple way to say amazingly awesome radly wonderful beautifully prety fantastic
You are very kool.
by Sam just told Sarah September 01, 2008
Used to classify ones character as it relates to body language and demeanor.
When talking to girls, Nick is so kool , that he always gets their numbers.
by Rambomacken February 04, 2014
When someone uses the word 'cool' sarcastically to describe someone trying to act tough.
Guy 1: Dude, in maths earlier Steve threw a pencil at the teacher.
Guy 2: What a Kool kid.
by analator333 June 03, 2015
It means that you are awesome. Spelling kool with a "c" means that you are cold.
Ex 1: Guy 1: Hey dude Im kool.

Guy 2: Yeah

Ex 2: Guy 1: Hey dude, Im cool.

Guy 2: Yeah.
by lolpwnnoobmanthegoblin January 10, 2010
When someone says something, usually on an internet forum, that is incredibly boring or uninteresting to the reader, a common response is "kool?"
OP: blah blah blah, etc.
Me: kool?

OP: I have lots of monies and am good looking.
Me: kool?
by lulzdonkamentz January 14, 2009

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