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word an idiot uses to describe something interesting and/or desirable
it's kool to be a bigot
by notanidiot March 17, 2004
132 148
its Tight and something thats pleasing
Your ride is hella kool
by Johan November 13, 2002
9 26
Noun. The name of an offspring of a bi-racial relationship. Most commonly the child of an african-american parent and caucasian parent.
"Yeah, Stephanie met Tyrone at the mall and she got pregnant. Now they have a Kool."

Ref. the movie "Parenthood" with Steve Martin.

by m1lky December 13, 2005
4 23
(1)short for koolaid
(2)the hardcore way to spell cool
person:sup mah hommies i am hardkore cuz i say kool insted of cool >:DDD
by hi March 15, 2005
12 31
A way that you can spell cool. A lot of people like to spell cool this way.
a lot of people at urbandictionary are "kool"
by lunar shadows September 23, 2004
54 73
A varitation of saying "cool" that is more slang like. This word is usually used in ebonics as "koo"
The word cool has several meanings, whereas kool only has one.
Your hair do is soo kool
by Jasmine aka Jazzy Fresh October 12, 2005
26 47
Another way of spelling Cool or a slang word, sort of
Raul is a very kOOl kid

Raul has KOOL Germs
by Raul Vargas July 03, 2006
19 43