kool is a better way of spellin cool because it is spelt with a K so it looks better aswell!
people who spell it with a C are very stupid and boring!
wow the concert was so kool!
by abi January 29, 2005
Kool is the dutch word for Cabbage, not very kool :P
me: What do we have for dinner?
mum: Green kool
me: O
by Way April 26, 2005
Child born of an inter-racial couple. (black male, white female)
1) Look at that poor chick...damn, she already has a kool.

2) Did you hear that Kelly fuck'd Tyrone... Now they have a kool.

3) Any afro-laden, hyella, mix breed black kid...typically running around a store unattended, getting into shit...without any manners or social training.
by Petrol555 April 12, 2006
Kool is jus plainly Ad & Soph
Man ad & soph r jus 2 kool for skool
by adam dipple January 11, 2005

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