A bloodthirsty mammal that will drop out of trees and rip your head off.
Koalas are indigenous to Australia. They will also drop out of trees and rip your head off.
by Bridey April 16, 2007
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a cute australian marsupial that eats only eucalyptus leaves. A marsupial is like a kangaroo (they have pouches for their babies) they are not bears
please dont call me a koala bear cause im not a bear at all (its a song)
by 555 March 08, 2004
(1) A person who really likes to snuggle.
(2) A person who likes to physically cling to their lover.
Tito acts so macho, but he's such a koala.
by Peter Springer May 02, 2006
the act of jumping on someone, whether they do or do not know. they may hold you or flail their arms trying to get you off. in the act of koala you hang on with all your might and just hang there.
"woah, did you see courtney just koala maddy!"
by koalabearwuvsmad April 22, 2009
A koala is a common drink consumed in england. the koala is a cocktail consisting of single malt whiskey, gin and tonic from a tinnie and some lager, beer or stout. yeeeahhhh boooiiii
koala drinking orgy
by paaulandhisthoughts January 25, 2013
"The Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus; sometimes also spelled Phascolarctus cinereus) is a thickset arboreal marsupial herbivore endemic to Australia, and the only representative of its family, Phascolarctidae". Don't fuck with them.
Check out that Koala just chillen, eatin Eucalyptus.

You don't mess with the Koalas. Especially Kids with Sticks, or Tea Bags.

You don't talk about the Koalas.
by Koala-olic March 13, 2005
A type of marsupial that pretends to eat eucalyptus leaves. The truth, however, is that these leaves are almost nutritionally useless, and that the ebil koalas must resort to fiery warfare ending in bloody cannibalistic feasts upon scorched koala flesh that last centuries. In spite of this insanity, many people, especially female people, are fond of them.
Damb fuckin' koalas.
by IAMTHELORDTHYGOD February 02, 2008
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