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A type of marsupial that pretends to eat eucalyptus leaves. The truth, however, is that these leaves are almost nutritionally useless, and that the ebil koalas must resort to fiery warfare ending in bloody cannibalistic feasts upon scorched koala flesh that last centuries. In spite of this insanity, many people, especially female people, are fond of them.
Damb fuckin' koalas.
by IAMTHELORDTHYGOD February 02, 2008
The holiest plant of the Stonerites
Dealer:Yo, goa her.
Undercover DEA Officer:Yes, young delinquent?
Dealer:Da fu?
Undercover DEA Officer:Um... I mean Sup, bitch?
Dealer:Beta. You am a cop?
Undercover DEA Officer:Yeno
Dealer:Coo. Yaon sum fieleef?
Undercover DEA Officer:Fiveleaf?
Dealer:Yaon no fieleef? OH, FUCK! Erabudee! A damb cop!
by IAMTHELORDTHYGOD April 01, 2008

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