Untrimmed bikini line/pubic hair that escapes the sides of your underwear, resembling a koala's ears
Her bikini line was so wild, when she wore panties, she was totally going koala
by Frick. October 09, 2008
Koalaling- the act of one person wrapping their limbs around another person or thing; 2. an intimate way of cuddling; 3 a very adorable thing to do.

1. Elizabeth was koaling her pillow earlier

2. “Babe, I wanna koala you <3

3. Boy 1. My little cousin fell asleep koalaing me when watching The Little Mermaid

by CottenPenguin January 22, 2014
A sex position, where the girl is hanging on to the boy around his neck (with her arms) and her legs are around his waist.
I really enjoyed that koala.
by Bababbyyyyy November 16, 2009
To take a shit while sitting on the toilet backwards and hugging the tank like a koala, so that the poos skid mark the bowl and someone else has to scrub it clean.
Has anyone notice how clean the toilet is?
No, I just Koalaed it.
by Poosandwees June 09, 2005
Alternate word for kawawa. Sadness or dejection over an event. The dumps and gloominess.
Tony was koala after he found out that all the liquor was gone.
by charles.carmicheal January 17, 2010
heavy tree cats
koalas are fucking adorable
by that one albatraoz April 10, 2015
A person who clings to the couch, gets stoned, and sleeps. Much like a koala who clings to trees, gets high off the eucalyptus leaves, and sleeps most of the day.
Jane: Did you go to the movies with Tom?

Sarah: No, all he does is get baked, plays Call of Duty on his couch, and sleeps!
Jane: What a koala!!
by sean*23* November 25, 2010

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