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a cute australian marsupial that eats only eucalyptus leaves. A marsupial is like a kangaroo (they have pouches for their babies) they are not bears
please dont call me a koala bear cause im not a bear at all (its a song)
by 555 March 08, 2004
you arent born gay. thats impossible. if your born male, you're gonna like females. males turn gay cause their mother babied them when they were young, or they hung out with females all the time when they were kids.

and this is why gay marriage should be banned. if you can turn gay, then you can turn straight again.

leave us straights alone. we've banned gay marriage and thats the end, so stop your whining.
imagine yourself a straight kid being adobted by faggots, how would you feel?
by 555 April 26, 2005

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