The act of wrapping both your arms and legs around someone, just like a koala
Guy: *picks up girl*
Girl: *koalas him*
by LeIceCream July 19, 2014
(verb) To jump on someone's back and proceed to dry-hump with vigor for a short amount of time
Guy 1: Wow, Justin is so horny he just koalaed that guy.
Guy 2: Damn. That was brutal.
by dannydawson September 05, 2012
{verb} to jump on another's back unbeknown to them causing them to fall to the ground
garrett: did you guys just see him koala that guy?

marcus: yea that was amazing how he jumped on his back and pw0ned him!

all: *laugh*
by tyler AKA cheez November 21, 2007
A very cute and snuggled creature.
They love climbing puppy's
Need lots of love and attention.
Always need a wet nose no matter what else they will die.
One of their favorite things is playing in the box with puppy.
They need a puppy to love and hold on too when they sleep.

A golden ladrador with a baby koala sleeping in the box. mwah
by golden labrador September 26, 2007
Strangely enough, koala is slang for the alcoholic beverage absinthe. It originated as just a cover up word for alcohol in general.
Underage kids talking about getting some 'koala' so anybody who listens in, parents or otherwise, won't understand.
Berta: Hey Jimmy! Let's get some koala!
Jimmy: Bitch, last time we did that my mum smelled it on my clothes and beat me with a chair.
Berta: So what. STFU.
Jimmy: Shut yo' mouth hoe, or I pull a jinga out and stab ya.
Berta: Yo mama so fat.
Jimmy's Mom: You called me fat?
*Eats Berta*
by Timolas August 12, 2007
A man who is good looking, but you wouldn't touch him with a barge pole because he is filthy and you don't know where he has been.

Reason: Koala Bears are very cute, but they are known for carrying sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamdyia.
Awh would you look across the street, it's Zebo, surprised to see him out and about after the 'scandal'. What a Koala.

I know, you would be tempted wouldn't you? -pity he's a Koala.

Don't do it gurl, he is a filthy Koala.
by RobbiThompson October 13, 2013
We ate some koalas and played tetherball for 46 hours before we got hungry.
by prozak42 June 02, 2011

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