An excruciatingly uncool middle-aged man. White socks with sandals, bermuda shorts, almost always republican, no regard for his family's emotional well-being. Remember Cliff from "Cheers"?
John Ratzenberger, 70 percent of dads, most politicians.

"look at this klondike. Where'd you get those pants, world war one?"
by Horacetheace March 08, 2010
A cloned lesbian child; a lesbian daughter parthenogenically produced without male sperm, employing the technique of cloning a human cell into a human egg.
Eschewing the turkey baster, Melissa and Ellen sought the services of a tissue culture laboratory to produce a klondike.
by Luigi August 06, 2004
some place that's cold
Minnesota in March.
by brady March 03, 2003
A person who, although ethnically black, is very, very white on the inside.
Brian is SUCH a klondike! He buys all of his clothes at Ralph Lauren!
by Emil Y September 30, 2007
a very funny brown guy, who is brown on the outside, but white on the inside, meaning thinks like a white guy.
he might also be thw whitest person you know.
Aaron: Abhay is a klondike!!
Andy: Yup! the whitest kid i kno!
by southern sombrero June 11, 2005
A lesbian eskimo or eskimoes.
That Klondike has a whack igloo.
by Sickness Mate January 02, 2005

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