A word used in place of the sentence when one is too lazy to speak. Klee is a simple word to say.
When Fred was with Barack, Barack was trying to make conversation so he asked "How are you doing today?" And Fred responds "klee"
by KleeKluckKlee April 01, 2011
a noise one makes when an awkward silence has fallen over the group
Dude 1: .............
Dude 2: Klee
by OneWhoRides March 11, 2010
When a girl just ups and leaves after being all hot and heavy.
Bro, we used to hook up all the time but then she went all klee on me.

This chick was always around then she klee'd me.
by turdfurgison29 April 10, 2014
A person being black as night or a dark effect on some one.
Dude that guy is klee!
Thoes are some klee cloths
by Nooch September 05, 2003
A financial term used in option pricing. It represents the change in vega to a 1% move in the underlying. Synonyms : dVega/dSpot
That risk reversal you put on is whack. The klee is way too high, and you're going to get jacked.
by financewhiz July 22, 2010
a white rapper from tennessee who has sold over 50,000 records as an independent artist and who also is an active member of the rap group the albino gorillaz. k-lee has 12 albums out and has been on records with some of hip hops greatest

by milkmantrippa November 19, 2009
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