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Khalifa kush
I'm blown on that kk
by Fishmam August 21, 2014
used in texts instead of "k" because 1 k just looks lonely.
Jan: meet you in 10 min
Bob: kk sounds good
by hollapoppi March 23, 2013
Text conversation end indicator.Equivalent of "over" for walkie talkies.
"Just gotta run an errand before I get you"
"Need anything?"
by DrRodimus September 14, 2011
1) A silly way to say 'k'.
2) Just another short way to say 'okay'.
A: Ugh you make things so complicated.
B: kk
A: Why don't you say 'okay'? It's damn easy to type the whole word.
B: kk
by Fr3nch fr13s July 07, 2014
Used to say "I'm not interesting in conversing with you any more, and I don't like associating with you but feel socially compelled to not hurt your feelings, but please just go away"
You: Hey man, you'll never guess what just happened!! I just got front row tickets for Iron maiden!!!
Them: kk

You: I have it, it's an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love!
Them: kk
by eschebone September 06, 2010
a way to kill an online conversation you no longer want to participate in.
Cool person: I'm moving abroad, not sure if I'm coming back. Just hitting that time in life, yanno?
Douche: KK
by HollyCantDrive November 29, 2009
A lazy way of saying "OK". Try not to hang on that second K, or you may get shot.
A: Dude, I'm gonna go take a piss, be right back.
B: kkk
A: *slap!* The O's right fucking next to the K!!!
by Gulstab September 19, 2009