words for fucking retards saying k kewl only retards use kk is like swag doushes gamers and reteards use it.
Bob: u wanna hang owt?
Tyrone: kk il be der in a min
by TYGA0929 June 20, 2014
short for ''ok''.. made up by daniel sulak for slang
"the test is tomorrow"
by irker April 01, 2011
What originated as a typo (speculating) became just another txt word for little girls meaning "ok" or cool". However it has now become so mainstream even my boss has began to use it.
Me: don't forget you have a meaning at 10
Boss: kk
by imansy March 07, 2011
KK/KK Slider is the name of the guitar playing dog on the Nintendo game "Animal Crossing", he is a musician who appears and plays songs at the train station (gamecube/N64 version) or the Muffin cafe (DS version) every Saturday night between 8:00pm and midnight.

Although he is actually called Totakeke, he goes by the stage name KK and is thought of as one of the main characters in animal crossing.

A trophy of K.K. Slider is obtainable in Super Smash Bros. Melee under the name Totakeke.
"Im going to the station on saturday to listen to kk play some tunes"
by Deanus The Magical Bondage King November 30, 2007
Kiss Kiss, though most people dont use it this way, i have both used / heard it used this way many times.
Dude- "Talk to ya later, Night"
Chick- "Alright, kk"
by P_Gecko July 12, 2011
the lazy way of typing "k" into a message using a blackberry pearl--because if you type just a 'k' it shows it as a 'j', so instead of backspacing and typing 'k' again you just type two 'k's to make it go faster.
-"I'll b there in 2 min."
by rpksml01 May 24, 2009
Looking up words on Urban Dictionary so you know what your kids are talking about.
Son, tell me what Captian Hook means or I'll have to pull a KK.
by Spiderman1610 April 02, 2011

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