It is just another way of saying okay so it is not anything fancy
May:wanna go get some ice-cream Lola
by Ali.xoxo October 31, 2015
Text conversation end indicator.Equivalent of "over" for walkie talkies.
"Just gotta run an errand before I get you"
"Need anything?"
by DrRodimus September 14, 2011

Esp. OK as an acknowledgement.

Used in Instant Messages and Social Gaming chat. KK is easier to enter (55 55) than OK (666 55), or hit k twice.

Common use has caused KK to become a terminating interjection similar to Goodbye, especially when used alone.
Rich: I95 is blocked into town.
Audrey: kk I wont go that way

Guild: Hey everyone, raid invites in 10 minutes. Get on your main.
Altpally: kk, back after quick bio.
Huntalt: kk
by NastyDiaper1 June 12, 2010
A lazy way of saying "OK". Try not to hang on that second K, or you may get shot.
A: Dude, I'm gonna go take a piss, be right back.
B: kkk
A: *slap!* The O's right fucking next to the K!!!
by Gulstab September 19, 2009
it actually means "ok ok" pero people use it with the meaning "alright"

it is most used in online games.
A: Hey lets team-up and kill that monster over there.
B: k k
by ExRsPlayer October 30, 2010
The best known definition of 'kk' is: Ok, cool alright.

But when a dutchman (somebody from the Netherlands) says 'kk' it means kanker, wich is cancer in English.

You should not use 'kk' when a dutchman can read it, because he could start raging.
by Invaliser July 30, 2008
a word used to mean k by lazy ppl .
The sound Ace Ventura uses in pet detective
A wanna-be gangsta akawigger.
I'll b right there
by L&Ldreambigger April 11, 2015

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