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words for fucking retards saying k kewl only retards use kk is like swag doushes gamers and reteards use it.
Bob: u wanna hang owt?
Tyrone: kk il be der in a min
by TYGA0929 June 20, 2014
short way of saying/texting ok
kk see you in a few
by AdaleyBMW August 15, 2012
(to pull a KK)
k-k/ key-key


originating from american celebrity kim kardasian and her 72 day marriage to kris humphries.

1. to undergo and subsequently finish a task in an alarmingly short amount of time. usually resulting in embarrassment and failure to complete the task at hand and/or public ridicule for lack of work ethic and disregard for consequence

2. failure to complete a task

3. to quit suddenly

4. a quantified period of time: measuring precisely 72 days, or -- the fifth and seven one-hundredths part ( 5.07 / 365 ) of a year; two months, one-week and four days; ten-weeks two-days; 72 days; 1,728 hours; 103,680 minutes; 6,220,800 seconds.
Ashley: I can't a believe you dropped out of college... It's only your first semester!

Christina: Yeah I know... I was only in classes for what, a few months? Oh well, who needs an education these days anyway?

Ashley: Shit. you totally just pulled a KK on your University!
by ChrissyO November 20, 2011
k k
it actually means "ok ok" pero people use it with the meaning "alright"

it is most used in online games.
A: Hey lets team-up and kill that monster over there.
B: k k
by ExRsPlayer October 30, 2010
a girly way of saying ok; often said by females ages 12-17
Boy: "I'll see you at 6."
Girl: "Kk."
Boy: "Wow you are such a girl."
by lalala008 December 18, 2013

Esp. OK as an acknowledgement.

Used in Instant Messages and Social Gaming chat. KK is easier to enter (55 55) than OK (666 55), or hit k twice.

Common use has caused KK to become a terminating interjection similar to Goodbye, especially when used alone.
Rich: I95 is blocked into town.
Audrey: kk I wont go that way

Guild: Hey everyone, raid invites in 10 minutes. Get on your main.
Altpally: kk, back after quick bio.
Huntalt: kk
by NastyDiaper1 June 12, 2010
The best known definition of 'kk' is: Ok, cool alright.

But when a dutchman (somebody from the Netherlands) says 'kk' it means kanker, wich is cancer in English.

You should not use 'kk' when a dutchman can read it, because he could start raging.
by Invaliser July 30, 2008