the lazy way of typing "k" into a message using a blackberry pearl--because if you type just a 'k' it shows it as a 'j', so instead of backspacing and typing 'k' again you just type two 'k's to make it go faster.
-"I'll b there in 2 min."
by rpksml01 May 24, 2009
a girly way of saying ok; often said by females ages 12-17
Boy: "I'll see you at 6."
Girl: "Kk."
Boy: "Wow you are such a girl."
by lalala008 December 18, 2013
short for ''ok''.. made up by daniel sulak for slang
"the test is tomorrow"
by irker April 01, 2011
What originated as a typo (speculating) became just another txt word for little girls meaning "ok" or cool". However it has now become so mainstream even my boss has began to use it.
Me: don't forget you have a meaning at 10
Boss: kk
by imansy March 07, 2011
Kiss Kiss, though most people dont use it this way, i have both used / heard it used this way many times.
Dude- "Talk to ya later, Night"
Chick- "Alright, kk"
by P_Gecko July 12, 2011
kk- It's more then understading its overstanding.
person 1-This assignment is due on Tuesday at 5:00pm.. not Monday

person 2-kk
by Peuto October 02, 2009
An idiot's way of saying OK or Okay.
Usually seen in Instant messaging rooms.
Person 1: Hey do you have latest messenger?
Person 2: Yeah, im just downloading it onw
Person 1: kk
by bobbyjee September 15, 2009
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