Kiss Kiss, though most people dont use it this way, i have both used / heard it used this way many times.
Dude- "Talk to ya later, Night"
Chick- "Alright, kk"
by P_Gecko July 12, 2011
What originated as a typo (speculating) became just another txt word for little girls meaning "ok" or cool". However it has now become so mainstream even my boss has began to use it.
Me: don't forget you have a meaning at 10
Boss: kk
by imansy March 07, 2011
words for fucking retards saying k kewl only retards use kk is like swag doushes gamers and reteards use it.
Bob: u wanna hang owt?
Tyrone: kk il be der in a min
by TYGA0929 June 20, 2014
kk- It's more then understading its overstanding.
person 1-This assignment is due on Tuesday at 5:00pm.. not Monday

person 2-kk
by Peuto October 02, 2009
Looking up words on Urban Dictionary so you know what your kids are talking about.
Son, tell me what Captian Hook means or I'll have to pull a KK.
by Spiderman1610 April 02, 2011
An idiot's way of saying OK or Okay.
Usually seen in Instant messaging rooms.
Person 1: Hey do you have latest messenger?
Person 2: Yeah, im just downloading it onw
Person 1: kk
by bobbyjee September 15, 2009
1) Stupid way of say "okay". No seriously, it's not cute or clever, it just pisses normal people off and drains the reply of ALL emotion

2) short for "Kiss Kiss" since the invention of the mobile phone

MSN Dude 1: Hey, i gotchoo a cake!
MSN Dude 2: kk
MSN Dude 1: Ew, gayoe!
MSN Dude 3: He means "ok"
MSN Dude 1: Oh okay... Good job this isnt prison.
by Upsidedown August 10, 2007

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