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Kittie, as in a cat, an animal that purrs and attacks small things.
I woke up because my kittie was purring in my face -.-
if everyone could just look past the fact that they are girls then they would actually see the great muscians that they really are. guys are really stupid and need to get over being horny. they are girls they kick ass. they have great personalities and they are great people their girls yeah so fucking what get over yourself your just jelous because girls can kick ass too!
i have no example so their for their is no example
by Cooper August 11, 2004
An all female heavy metal band from Canada. they sing about reality and they have provacative titles, but the lyrics mean something so different. htye use to be thought of as a female eye candy type of band until people started seeing their talent and start viewing them as one of the best metal bands of our time.
their are no examples for kittie. they are one of their kind.
by SLiPKoRN August 23, 2003
A all girl band that has changed it's members lots of time.
First it was
1.Morgan Mecedes Fallon Tanya
2.Morgan Mercedes Fallon Talena
3.Morgan Mercedes Talena
4.Morgan Mercedes Jenifer
5.Morgan Mercedes Jenifer Lisa
Current members are
Morgan Mercedes Trish Tara.
They are my favorite band though.
Kittie is a good band with good music.
by Bored person 123456 May 30, 2006
The all-girl heavy metal goth band.The band has had many members.The band formed in Mercedes Lander(drums) basement. Morgan(singer)heard Fallon(former guitarist) and Mercedes jamming and she decided to join.The band formed in 1997.
Hey,Do you want to go to see KiTTie in concert?
by Amanda Cummings May 28, 2005
A heavy metal band that has good music, in my opinion. They prove that girls can be in metal bands too!
Get Until the end, it's out now.
Their new single into the darkness is good.
by Kristina Delonge July 18, 2004
fuckin awesome all chick metal band!! you girls fucken rawk!! its fuckin excellent to see us girls out there in the metal world rockin it up!!
your mouthful of lead and lies!!!! kittie u hav my support 110%!!!
by RANCID_RAWK May 20, 2003
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