Telena was hot; but a bitch
Kittie is a great band with the lead vocalist morrigan that sounds like a man
i got my shirt signed by them
they are funny; they make lesbian jokes
give them a chance and dont listen to that psychotic jerk above me that said that kittie isnt worth listening to
Songs by Kittie that you should listen to:
Do you think im a whore?
Pink Lemonade
by GodsOrphan November 07, 2004
A rather small and/or tight vagina, most probably owned by a woman that has not had sexual intercourse before
"I was about to have sex with this woman last night but she had a kittie and i couldnt fit... instead i just licked it"
by unsinkable February 15, 2008
I used to like Kittie but now, I just don't. The band consists of Canadian feminazis but if you want to hear their best, listen to Charlotte from the Spit album. If you want to hear their worst, listen to Into the Darkness from Until the End. Actually, if you want to go on with your life pissed off and you don't know why but you're just doing it to seem like a metalhead, be my guest and listen to Kittie.
Gaaahhh... Kittie's not that good. I recommend Jack off Jill or Scarling
by Pissed Off†Liberal Jerk Off March 18, 2005
A terrible female hard rock band. They're music shows no talent, and there lyrics are just downright shitty. Essentially, an insult to females in the metal industry.
Mallcore kid: Kittie are so fucking metal!!!!!
True metal head: *smacks mallcore kid* Fucking poser, go listen to some Astarte (a good all female metal band)
by Necrotika July 18, 2006
Kittie is not metal. Anyone that thinks they are metal is a tool. How can anyone think they are the best band of all time? Even kittie knows they're not the best band of all time. If they were a bunch of guys no one would even like them, and they can hardly play their instruments.
Go listen to Slayer, Discharge or Motorhead you bunch of sheep.
by jpj May 27, 2004
a chick band that sings about their x boyfriends' heads in their closets.very influential,2thumbs up for making songs on how you want to kill your boy friend:) i thin hey should change their name from kittie to MORGANS BAND- byebye talena :(
NOw im something.. and ur head is in my closet. dead forever.theyll never search it .out of sight
by SOMETHINGtoldMEtoTELLyou June 25, 2003
Kittie pure and simple is the greatest band of all time, all their members rock (even their old members....i'll miss u Talena and Fallon) they r all hott....and come on there aint notin like a gurl who can yell at you so deep and loud that ya piss yo own pants. There next cd will rule....KITTE IS GODDESS!
bob: hey do u like Kittie.
Spencer: No shit retard wtf is wrong with you, they rule!
by Spencer aka Tripp December 20, 2003

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