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is the beautiful electric guitarist for good charlotte and one of the best guitarists around too :) he has the same hairstyle as me :P
''...im young and im hopeless, im lost and i know this, im goin nowhere fast thats what they say...''
by RANCID_RAWK May 25, 2003
fuckin awesome all chick metal band!! you girls fucken rawk!! its fuckin excellent to see us girls out there in the metal world rockin it up!!
your mouthful of lead and lies!!!! kittie u hav my support 110%!!!
by RANCID_RAWK May 20, 2003
coal chamber - one of the best metal bands ever! they totally rawk!! and the lead guitarist miguel rascon is so beautiful :)
fiend for the fans and fodder for the press!!
by RANCID_RAWK May 20, 2003
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